Katherine's Journey To Life

Hypoplastic left heart syndrome

It means you are born missing half your heart. The joyful news about all being well at a routine ultrasound is followed by a "hey, wait a minute".

This is what Katherine's mom and dad heard as they were visiting the doctor to check up on the health of their baby girl. They were told their unborn daughter was missing half of her heart and had a condition that meant her survival was no longer certain. Plenty of babies diagnosed with this condition are still-born when they arrive into the world, and Katherine's outcome was now hanging in the balance.

Katherine's parents, Gary and Kasey, were working hard at running their family restaurant near downtown Albuquerque. They had been trying hard to have a child while they were working 80+ hours a week serving their customers. Upon receiving the news of their daughters heart condition, they were in a difficult position, but they made the only choice they had: close their business and move to Denver where doctors who specialize in treating HLHS are located.

The decision to close up shop and relocate was easy, but the following year would not be. Katherine has had to undergo multiple open heart surgeries, and has more scheduled. The costs to her family in the process have been significant.

Katherine is expected to survive, though she will never have full function of her heart. She was born a fighter and has been bearing her burden with strength, but she and her family need your help. The loss of their business, the uncertainty, the impact on their life savings. They need your help.

The Fundraiser Baby Lange HLHS has been created to help offset the cost of Katherine's medical care. The truth is, everything helps, even small contributions. If you find it in your heart to give support to this child and her family as they weather this trying time, please click the link to visit her gofundme page and make a contribution in whatever amount you are willing. It will be felt.

Thank you.